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Advantages of getting a citrix certification

Across the world, many companies use Citrix products for improving their IT efficiency and quality. Services and products provided by Citrix, an American Software MNC, are designed to offer the best to any contemporary organization. Alas! Not all companies have professionals, knowing the nitty-gritty of materials and products offered by this American MNC.

Companies are in dire requirement of people having Citrix certification. Such people have undergone Citrix Xendesktop Training, Citrix XenServer Training, etc. Owing to such exemplary knowledgebase, these people can install, implement and troubleshoot different types of products made by the American MNC. The changes in IT industry have raised the demands of professionals certified to work with products and services from Citrix.

CCA: Certified Citrix Administrator  

CCA is the answer to the demands discussed above. The Rising demand of people who are able to handle this technology is not the only benefit of being a CCA: there is a multitude of advantages enjoyed by CCAs. These administrators earn respect in the industry for having specialized in one of the most sought-after technologies.

The CCA certification  

A CCA certification attests your ability to work with resources as well as products rolled by the Citrix. You can specialize in a variety of products under this certification. Consider the example: A CCA certification for Netscaler 10 or Netscaler 9 helps you run web applications at a faster pace.

By earning a CCA certification for Access Gateway 9 you can easily secure virtualized applications as well as desktops.  In both of these specializations, certification holders easily find employment in some of the biggies all over the world.

Other benefits of being a CCA

Nice pay

In spite of being an entry-level program, CCAs are among the highest paid professionals in the IT industry. Gaining expertise in any of the products – offered by the American software MNC –gets you an average pay of ($85,000).

Also, the certification program can heighten your chances in any of the IT job interviews.  Products of the American MNC are known for their excellent networking and virtualization. Due to such reasons, they are adopted by most businesses. Such a widespread scope of these products, further, increases the demands of their specialists.

Absolute understanding of installation, working and troubleshooting of Citrix products makes you eligible for a quality pay and respectable job.

A variety of jobs

Being a CCA does not mean you have to work only with products manufactured by the American MNC.

  • You are allowed to work in a variety of virtualized networks such as routing, cloud computing, etc.
  • You can also become an independent consultant for all the products and materials offered by the American Software MNC.
  • You can work as a staff in helpdesks and senior technician departments at leading IT and management companies.

Not only the certification helps build a high-paying career, but also lets you take the first big step in the IT industry. Help in bridging the skill gulf in Citrix technology by opting for CCA and other related certification programs.

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