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Each and everything about International Baccalaureate

International Baccalaureate is a synecdoche for the International Baccalaureate Organization. Abbreviated as the IB, the offers four challenging, high-quality educational sessions to communities located in every corner of the globe. The sole aim of the program is to develop workforce that can build a better, peaceful world for the future generations to cherish.

From where does the IB program draw its coursework?

The IB educational community uses a range of sources to draw course material.  However, the community performs extensive checks on the authenticity and accuracy of the extracted course material. It is interesting to note that every leading IB school also draws coursework from key knowledge-sharing communities such as Wikipedia.

The IB always respects the concepts of intellectual property and makes every possible effort to take permission before publicizing a copyrighted material. Upon receiving the permission, IB carries out extensive checks on the quality of the extracted material before giving the final nod for publishing the content. 

What all it takes to be an IB learner?

The primary aim of every IB school is to develop internationally minded learners. Such learners understand the essence of humanity and responsibility toward the planet.  Every learner of the program strives to have the following characteristics:-

  • Caring

Students pursuing an IB program show immense respect and compassion for everyone. The students have a proper commitment to service and strive to make a positive difference in everyone’s life.

  • Risk takers

The students belonging to the program are determined to work cooperatively as well as independently. Such students never shy away to explore new ideas and implement fresh strategies. Also, the students are resilient as well as resourceful to face challenges and changes.

  • Inquirers

The pupils who have signed up for such a program are curious to know. Such students want to learn and know more about the wonderments of the world. The students, by and large, want to know about sustenance and creation that have a global significance.

  • Knowledgeable

Every knowledge-sharing session aims to develop conceptual understanding among pupils. Such type of understandings is necessary to explore a variety of disciplines.

  • Thinkers

Each program develops in students critical, creative thinking skills. Every exercise (educational or extracurricular) aims to cultivate the ethical, reasoned decision-making skills of students.

  • Excellent communicators

A student who has enrolled in such a program can easily speak in more than one language. Also, such students have excellent listening skills. A combination of eloquence and attentive listening skills makes for a killer communicator.

  • Principled

Integrity and honesty are two elements found in each and every student who has enrolled in such programs. Such a student respects the right and culture of people elsewhere. Further, the pupils of such a philosophy take responsibility of their actions.

Four programs found in International Baccalaureate 

  • Primary year program – The session is dedicated to a student who is in the age bracket of 3-12.
  • Middle Years Program – The session is meant for pupils being in the age group of 11-16.
  • Diploma session – The program is meant for a student who falls in the age bracket of 16-19.
  • Career-related certifications – The session offers several career-related certifications for pupils being in the age group of 16-19.

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