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How to Become a Commercial Pilot

Wondering what it takes to become a commercial pilot? Let’s discuss the concept in detail.

People assume being a commercial pilot inevitably leads to becoming an airline pilot. While airplane pilot is a fascinating opportunity, the other fortes available for commercial pilot are equally enthralling. A commercial pilot can also become a cargo pilot, a tour pilot, a Charter pilots, and an Air Taxi or Government Service Pilots, the opportunities are endless.

Commercial pilot is the one who is allowed by the FAA to charge money for services. To fly a scheduled passenger flights, or to fly for an airline, you’ll need to gain the additional certification specific for those jobs. For instant an airline pilot needs to have commercial certificate along with an Airline
Transport Certificate (ATP) and must for a regularly scheduled air carrier.

If you’re interested in becoming a commercial pilot, don’t be nervous by thoughts of airline pilot training. Commercial pilot training in Aviation academy usually is not done in a jet, although it would be better if a high-performance aircraft are chosen for training. Many people complete the commercial pilot certificate in the same aircraft that they completed their private pilot certificate. The main requirement for the commercial certificate is that the students need to acquire 10 hours of flight time in complex aircraft.

Let’s take a look details things that you need to take care for becoming a commercial pilot.

Know the Eligibility Requirements
Commercial pilot applicants must be at least 18 years old, be able to read, speak, write, and understand English, and hold at least a private pilot certificate. The most common reason people can’t begin their commercial training is that of lack of experience: A pilot needs to have at least 250 hours to earn a commercial pilot license.

Get a 2nd Class Medical Certificate
Since you must have a private pilot certificate to begin commercial training, the chances are good that you already hold an aviation medical certificate. If it’s a 3rd Class medical, you may want to get a 2nd Class medical certificate. You would need to at least have a 2nd Class medical certificate to utilize your commercial pilot privileges.

Take the FAA Written Exam
Just like with the private pilot certificate, you’ll want to get have written exam out of the way first in your commercial pilot training. That way, you’ll have theoretical knowledge about things already. Once your written exam is done and dusted, you can focus on flying part.

Start Flying
A commercial pilot applicant not only needs to demonstrate efficiency, but also should have some air time under their belt. To obtain a commercial pilot certificate, you’ll need at least 250 flight hours, including pilot-in-command time of 100 hours and 50 plus hours of cross-country flight. Also, you’ll need to get at instrument training of least 10 hours and 10 hours in a high performance aircraft. So put up some hard work in Aviation Academy.

Once you’ve mastered the commercial flight maneuvers to the new standards, your instructor will sign you for the check ride. The examiner would be testing what kind of commercial pilot you’ll be, so act professional at all time. The key for getting the certification is precision.

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