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How to select the best engineering college according to the rank?

The process of selecting an engineering college can be exhausting if students are not properly guided. Engineering counseling is quick to follow once the entrance exam results are out. Most of the students are in a dilemma while the engineering counseling is underway; this write up aims to eradicate such a dilemma.

What happens in the counseling room?   

Students should start by understanding the process of counseling. Most of the students denote engineering counseling room as a court room where the final verdict about their future is given. Nonetheless, such beliefs do not hold water. Counseling is not a frightening process if students don’t press their panic button. While counseling is carried out, the students are called to write (in priority) the colleges as well as engineering branches they like to opt. However, the crisis begins for low rank holders as the high rank holders are called first to fill their preferential colleges with engineering branches.  Resultantly, the low rank holders have to leave much on fate.

These are the steps, which are to be followed for getting the best colleges with the available rank. 

  • Stop worrying and start planning

Having pangs of anticipation before counseling is understandable, but letting them overwhelm can be detrimental.  Anticipation breeds confusion. Start planning. Once the rank is out, the picture to get into which engineering branch becomes clearer than before. Find the colleges – available in your rank –, which provide the needed engineering branch and pitch them during the counseling session.   

  • How to prioritize engineering branches

The prioritization of engineering branches depends on interest as well as available career opportunities. Factors that need to be harbored while doing branch prioritization are:-

  • Student’s aptitude
  • Student’s interest
  • Current employment opportunities
  • Future demand of specific engineering branch
  • How to prioritize engineering colleges

Priority to every engineering college must be given on the following factors:-

  • Check the previous placement records of an institution
  • Check the AIEEE rank (opening and closing) assigned to a college
  • Faculty of the college
  • Last two year’s cut-off of the institution
  • Keep all the important documents

Constantly visit the counseling portal to ensure that you have all the required documents, which are needed during counseling; also, keep a copy of medical fitness report too as many of engineering counseling bodies require it.

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