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Scope of Electronic Engineering

A primary driving force in the revolution of information technology has been electronic engineering.  Owing to the modern-day world’s dependence on technological equipment, the scope of electronic engineering has become vast. With the advances in technology, the presence of electronic components such as fiber optics, chips, transistors, and the like can be found in the items we use every day such as remotes, phones, to mention a few. Apart from such common items, the principles of Electronic Engineering permeate in the design and construction of satellites, microelectronics, real time transfer of video and audio signals, circuit designing, etc. Take up the development of any sector – automation, signal processing, healthcare, etc. – electronic has a critical role to play.

Some of the fields, having prominent demand of electronic engineers are:-

  • Medical & healthcare sector: The equipment found in medical & healthcare sector uses advanced electronic concepts to carry out its functioning. Such equipment is required to be installed as well as maintained, and an electronic engineer would be the apt choice to do the same.
  • Automotive sector: Qualified electronic engineers are needed in automotive sectors for making components such as airbag systems and speed dials.
  • Communication sector: Whether it is radio, telephone, mobile, tablet, laptop, desktop computer or satellite, electronics helps in designing each of such communication instruments.
  • Electronic sector: It is needless to point the significance of electronics in this sector. The field of engineering is used for designing and fabricating embedded system and other electronic equipment.
  • Defense sector: The work of electronic engineers in defense sector is critical as they design telecommunication and signal processing systems.
  • Processing sector: This sector requires an electronic engineer to carry out instrumentation and control tasks on electronic equipment.

Most of the electronic engineering students end up in an IT company because they do not try to understand the in-depth concepts of the field. The best piece of advice for students pursuing electronics engineering is to understand the dynamics of the field by not making light of the internship phase.

Many colleges do not provide internship assistance, despite its criticality in preparing the aspirants face real life vocational challenges. The high significance of these internships is understood by Dr K.N.Modi Foundation. The university offers not only placement, but internship assistance to the students. The university pledges to bring first-rate education for students; also, the education is strictly research based. The infrastructure of the university is spread over an expansive area of 42 acres, comprising all the necessary amenities such as ATM machine, 24 × 7 Wi-Fi enabled campus, photocopier, an AC auditorium, etc.  The university offers different engineering degrees in several disciplines. Further, due to the presence of imminent faculty, the university’s engineering courses, especially in automobile engineering and b tech in electronics and communication engineering, have gained high prominence from several students. Further, engineering is offered in other disciplines such as electrical engineering, mechanical engineer, computer science engineering, civil engineering, chemical engineering, and the like.

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