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What are the fresh employment trends for engineering students?

STEM stands for Science Technology Engineering Mathematics. The ‘E’ in STEM is a significant driver of the global economy. In times of economic uncertainties, it is important to note how the employment trends in engineering field will be affected. As per research works, in 2014’s first quarter, many companies face acute skill shortages.

Most big-sized engineering companies are likely to get important projects. Proper completion of these projects will be possible if engineering firms can lay their hands on fixed-term contractors. Tie-ups with the contractors should happen by the end of first quarter or beginning of second quartern of 2014. Many colleges are training their students for grabbing such opportunities.

A few engineering areas that are in demand

With green innovation, more and more new engineering competencies are required. Listed below are a few engineering fields that are expected to rise above others.

  • Spiralling demand of land development engineers for proper use of land areas
  • The growth of technology has helped in spiking the demand for smart transport system technologists
  • A large number of infrastructural projects are planned that have led to the growth of Drainage/stormwater engineers
  • Traffic engineering is expected to rise
  • The fact that petroleum and gas are significant world resources is understood by leading petroleum engineering colleges in India

Employment trends for Mobility industry 

Research companies have interviewed Human Resource professionals in the commercial vehicle, automotive and aerospace industries. Each sector of the global mobility industry has expressed dire need for qualified technologists. The study – carried out by SAE – shows that different hiring trends exist in diverse levels of mobility industry’s supply chain.

The study’s highlights include:-

  • As far as work experience is concerned, Aerospace industry requires a large amount of experienced technologists. Followed by the Aerospace industry, Commercial Vehicle and Automotive Industries demand expert engineers.
  • OEMs form a significant part of automotive industry. On average, a mid-sized automotive OEM can hire anywhere between 600-1000 engineers.
  • A major percentage of Aerospace and Automotive employers add positions for technologist having experience of 1-2 yrs. Likewise, a multitude of Commercial Vehicle Employers add positions for candidates having an experience of 1-3 yrs.
  • Among different fields, mechanical engineers are expected to be required in every sector. Manufacturing engineers and electrical & electronics technologists are also required zealously by several industrial sectors.

One employment trend for engineers that 2014 has borrowed from its predecessor is recruiting high-end Research & Development and production technologists. The demand is for technically skilled production personnel, specialising in one of these subjects:-

  • Electrical & Electronics
  • Automation
  • Petroleum
  • Telecommunication
  • Information Technology
  • Production Process Designing (Lean Implementation as well as Optimisation)

Will an in-depth specialisation in any field of technology be of any help?

In-depth specialisation will always be of help for engineers. Choose for the best colleges  for exhaustively pursing a specific technology. Such courses help students to have that additional knowledge that they are not provided while studying in graduate level. Thus, a postgraduate in engineering will always be of immense help.

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