The moment you complete your graduation, next step is to find a job. Finding a job is the choice for most of the candidates while others may pursue further education. In most of the cases technical interview is the next step. The first step is to crack the aptitude round and then after successfully completing the first round. You are called for the next stage which is the interview round. In some cases GD/PI also forms a part of recruitment process. When you are planning to get a job, you need to understand the process to get through jobs. And if you are looking for jobs in Qatar you need to research for the ongoing vacancies, especially if you are looking for jobs in the IT sector. If you are targeting technical sector, you must have right answers to make it to the job.

There are different languages linked with the IT sector like C programming, java programming, .NET, networking and many more.

Here is the list of top 5 technical questions

  1. Which one is your strongest programming language (Java, ASP, C, C++, VB, HTML, C#, etc.)? 

To answer this question, select a language first and be prepared to face question based on them. Let’s say if java is your favorite language or that you have good command over that language then you’ll be showered with questions like” what do you mean by JVM or differentiate between JVM and JDK.

  1. Differences between C and Java?

Some of the best answers are as follows:

  • C is procedural while JAVA is Object-Oriented
  • C requires explicit handling of pointers while Pointer go backstage in JAVA.
  • C does not support overloading at all while JAVA supports Method Overloading.
  • C supports preprocessors whereas JAVA does not support Preprocessors.
  1. Difference between pass by reference and pass by value?

Pass by reference will pass the address to the caller function instead of value if called function requires modifying any value it can directly modify whereas pass by value passes the value from the caller to the calling function so that the called function cannot modify the values in the caller function.

  1. What is an object?

An object refers to a particular instance of a class, where the object can be a combination of functions, variables, and data structures.

  1. What is pointer?

Pointer is a variable in a program. It contains name, and the value of this varies.

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