Learn Expert Skills to Care for High-needy People with Cert III Individual Support

Start your career in aged care, home and community care or disability, with the eligibility of Cert III individual support entry level. Through this course, you will provide the necessary skills to provide personal care to people in the home, community or healthcare settings. The health, aged care, and community service sector has been projected to be strong growth over the next five years in which more than 50,000 work possibilities are anticipated.

This is because of the growing requirement for assistance for disabled people through aged care assistance, National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS), and other personalized domestic and communal assistance.

This education refers the responsibility of the employee in the communal and/or domestic settings, which provide individual-focused support to provide an individual’s personal plan, which may require support due to age, disability or any other reason.

The task comprises of the use of discrimination and justice in respect of personal support and also includes taking responsibility for the output of self. Workers have realistic, expert practical knowledge, as well as some academic learning of the approaches and methods needed to provide individual-focused assistance.

You will understand how to aid freedom and welfare, acquire technical skills, and advance many interchangeable skills of teamwork from communication. In order to achieve this qualification, the assessment requirements for the units of qualification have been stated that the candidate has completed at least 120 hours of work.

No allowing, judicial, administrative or credential needed to apply to this qualification at the time of advertisement.

If you are looking to admit in the first aid unit of efficiency, it is advisable that in order to complete the unit, you should be able to follow basic life support skills, for example, control bleeding and cardiopulmonary resuscitation. If you have a disability that will stop you from making the necessary essential growth support skills, then it is advised that you will not be able to obtain a qualification unit.

There is no entry needed for this education. This course is targeted to those who have access to the workplace, who will provide experience and have the ability to learn to support the agreed units.

In order to obtain Certificate III for personal assistance, a total of 13 units should be completed, 7 cores and 6 electives. Students can complete an extra 3 units and can opt out with the Personal Support – Disability expert Set Eligibility.


  • Successful accomplishing of Certificate III in Personal Assistance Aging /Home and Community Care requires entry level for employment in the Aged Care Industry.
  • Students can get employment as an assistant in nursing aged care or personal care worker.
  • Successful students of this program will have the skills and knowledge so that they can work in different institutions in the private homes of nursing homes, hostels, retirement villages, hospitals, community centers and a registered agency. Students with Disabilities Disability qualifications may be eligible to work as a Disability Assistance Worker.
  • Upon successful completion of this course, students can consider a higher level and study within the vocational education and training area.

If you already have skills and knowledge that are relevant to your course, then you can apply for authority for credit transfer or pre-learning recognition. If so, you may want to get this recognition, it can reduce your training time.

The education Cert III individual support is being given as a double qualification with Aging and Home and Community Care. Disability can be obtained by completing three extra units at another cost of $ 450.00.

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