Naati course Australia

What is Naati: Naati stands for national accreditation authority for translators and interpreters. It is a standard organisation which is responsible for maintaining and imparting high professional standards and quality training to the practitioners who are willing to pursue a career as translators or interpreters in Australia. The organisation also provides accreditation which helps the individual to maximize their opportunities in obtaining a job. The accreditations’ are example of proof and ability of the students taking up the course and the employers generally look forward to such standardizations. If an individual wants to see himself as an accomplished translator or interpreter the Naati courses in Australia gives a complete pathway to successfully pursue the course along with scholarship facilities.

Benefits of studying translating and interpreting in Australia: –

  • There are almost 4 million Australians who speaks a language other than English at home.As a result the need for translators are more. If an individual has the passion for learning languages he can fuel the desire by enrolling for the translating and interpreting languages and there are plenty of opportunities for interpreters.
  • The translators are mainly needed in schools, banks, office, hospitals ,airports and many other places.
  • On successful completion one can apply for permanent residency and also claim 5 points from credentialed community language(CCL) at a professional level.

Who can undertake naati:

  • The individual must be 18 yrs or above
  • The students are required to first undertake an entry test by the recognised institute or university.
  • The students who have a permanent visa or student visa as the duration of the course is of 24 weeks.


NAATI accreditation allows translators and interpreters to demonstrate their skills and their level of competence which the employers expect as a proof. The accreditation also enables the students earn 5 bonus points under CCL which they can claim for migration purpose.

Employment opportunities:

As Australia is becoming more cosmopolitan the need of translators are also increasing. The expertise of translators are required in various fields like Government agencies, Airport terminal, Themed parks, Universities and Schools, Law firms, Corporations , Hospitals. The students who seriously wish to pursue the course can look forward to naati course. The need for interpreters are ever increasing in every sectors in Australia.

There are many institutes across Australia who are also offering special evening and weekend classes .Those students who have other engagements or are working part time in some organisations can easily take up the classes. These programs are designed mainly for weekends with a minimum of 20 training weeks with a 3 weeks of reassessment and also classes on some holidays.

The naati courses employs NAATI qualified trainers who guides the students systematically through the interpreting classes which comprises of interpreting classes .The students are trained in note taking skills which is required for interpreting purposes. They also get trained in short term memory retention skills to be able to interpret the dialogues with ease. They also get trained in picking up idioms , and relay in other languages in just a blink of eyes. With the constant guidance the students are able to build up a comprehensive knowledge in Australian community services.

Course training and assessment:

The course training and assessment is mainly conducted by qualified trainers who constantly monitors the progress of every student. The course has both integrated theory and practical applications which is very well completed within stipulated time .A time to time feedback is offered to the students on their progress. The assessment process includes both written and practical presentation. After completion of the course the individual can work in community or business and have a well established career.

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