Tips for Preparing and Passing the CISSP Exam

Offered by International Information Systems Security Certification Consortium [(ISC) 2], CISSP (Certified Information Systems Security Professional) Certification is one the advanced level certification that an IT security professional could ever acquire. As the certification is designed to instill the advanced expertise in the professionals, the curriculum is pretty tough. Professional often struggles to make it and earn it in the first attempt.

In addition, the exam is also quite long and demands good time management to attempt it within given duration. This six-hour long exam makes CISSP certification is considered a few of the most tedious and tough nuts to crack.

We have come up with our expert’s tips that will help you to come up with flying colors in this certification. Read out and proceed accordingly. With these tips, you can easily vouch for success.

First thing first – Know what exactly CISSP is?

Before enrolling yourself for a CISSP certification, let’s ponder over what exactly CISSP is and how it will help you. If you have a better understanding about this, we are sure you will motivate overcome all the hurdles.

It is basically is a managerial cum technical certification examination. It demands unwavering determination to pass the exam. A lot of time, efforts and money are usually involved in doing a CISSP certification. So, find out your own reasons to pursue it. Is it is career hike or a pay hike? Unless and until your goals of pursuing this certification are not clear, you won’t be able to concentrate on the study.

Understand the exam pattern

Once you find your own reasons, it’s the time to understand the pattern of questions as they are not same as like other certifications. They are more of conceptual and test your core knowledge.

The exam is 6 hours long and you need to cover 250 questions in that time limit. Long duration, high passing mark, and high cost make CISSP certification one of the toughest IT certifications to acquired. A CISSP certification will cost you costs $699. Additionally, you’ll need to pay an $85 maintenance fee in order to recertify for three years. Make sure you are ready to invest that much of time, efforts and money for this. Prepare yourself by reading various blogs and articles about what all it demands.

Take the help of right study material

As we have already told that CISSP exam is one of the tough exams in the IT industry, an extensive and constructive study material is what you would be requiring the most. There is the list of some trusted study material that will help you top prosper for the examination promptly and precisely.

  • Official (ISC) 2 Guide to the CISSP CBK, 4th Edition [Hardcover] – By Adam Gordon

  • CISSP Study Guide Paperback – By Eric Conrad

  • CISSP® Study Guide (7th Edition) – By James Stewart, Mike Chapple and Darril Gibson

Other than that, take the mighty help of another resource like CyberSecStudy’s CISSP Training Podcast and online mock test to improve your knowledge. The mock test will help you to manage the time. Once you submit the fee of CISSP certification, the ISC will also provide you a link to a Study App and their official textbook. These are also very useful.

A practical training is viable more than anything else

Reading the concepts will not make you thoroughly acquainted with the required knowledge. You should always have some hands-on experience with its concepts. As the exam is designed in a manner to test your conjectural and practical knowledge both, CISSP training is what required the most. The CISSP training will grant you more through and advanced knowledge.

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